Bridge on the road

Quinto Naipe provides you a lot of services. This is not a professional organization, so if you tell us what you are looking for we’ll try to help you. We are bridge players, teachers and tournament directors with more than 30 years of experience organizing bridge events. The aim of this initiative is to join bridge, culture and enjoyment and to fill out the real goal of bridge: connect people and enjoy life.

Bridge in Lisbon

Are you visiting Lisbon? Welcome!

If you want to play bridge in Lisbon we can organize different types of bridge events – small tournaments, themed workshops at your choice, contact with Portuguese bridge players and visits to bridge clubs.


Lisbon inside and out

Lisbon is the city of the seven hills. Hidden in its hills you can find the most picturesque traditional neighbourhoods, incredible views over the Tagus River and a bustling, compelling culture. We are born and raised Lisboners who will help you discover the secrets of our beloved city.

A typical place to visit

A view to Alfama’s neighbourhood, one of the famous places in Lisbon to hear Fado. 

Fado House

Fado is much more than a kind of music. Fado is the soul of Lisbon. It talks about feelings, hope and regrets, love and pain. And when the Portuguese guitar stops to cry you can feel the real meaning of the word SAUDADE! Join us in the best houses of Fado in the city to understand the real meaning of Lisbon.